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A Midwinter Blessing

Midwinter’s embrace is closing in around us.

Art work by Helena Nelson-Reed

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year, and in the north where I live the darkness is deep and long. In this darkest of hours, I pray that we once again will find back to the rhythms of the Earth we live on, which are so closely connected to our own rhythms.

In the depth of the night, listen to her breath. Feel the warmth pulsing under the frost, inside the bare branches. It never stops, only slows down to a life preserving minimum. Listen to the humming of life at rest.

Winter time is resting time. Imagine for a moment that the white lights go out and the racket of pre-Christmas hustle go silent.  Listen to the stillness. Listen closely, and you will hear that it resides inside you. Listen to the warm pulse beneath the cold and the darkness, inviting us to rest such as nature do. Promising us that after sleep, will come a new spring.

But first, it’s time to rest.

I wish many blessings to you all, and a warm  and peaceful midwinter and Christmas.



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