NB: This page is for consultations related to life coaching - to book services regarding holistic reproductive health or training in natural birth control, please go to Our Fertility, and use the booking system on that site.

We live in a special time in our planet's history. It's like we are standing at a crossroad in human existence, where we all in one way or another are being asked to transform our relationships to ourselves, each other and to the living ecosystem of which we are part. Deep voices are stirring in our inner landscapes, calling us to unfold into what we always were meant to be.

I offer consultations where I combine my professional experience as a holistic health provider and entrepreneur, with my experience from two decades on a path dedicated to finding ways to live more resiliently on our planet, both on the personal, spiritual and ecological level.

We combine deep intuitive conversations with implementations of practical tools like holistic health interventions, ceremony, practical life planning, and designing of a personal practice suitable to your life and needs.

If you are interested in working with me, I suggest booking a 15 minutes free consultation - where we both can tune in on whether we are a good match for further work.

I am looking much forward to speaking to you!