Siri Kalla is combining deep ecology, ceremonial work, astrology, functional medicine and community healing. Oscillating between the old and the new, between science and the mythic. Building bridges and weaving together. A heartfelt work of participating in the midwifing of a world that support the thriving life of all being.

Siri brings together a multitude of life experiences and training to create her uniquely holistic approach to human physical, ecological, spiritual and psycho-emotional health. In her work and writing, she is deeply inspired by deep ecology, ecofeminism, nature-based spirituality, permaculture, and a firm belief that our health and the health of the planet goes hand in hand. The solutions we need to adapt in order to heal our inner ecosystem, are the same solutions which are needed to heal our outer ecosystem.

She has been studying the menstrual cycle for over a decade, and is the founder of Our Fertility. She is a certified Fertility Awareness educator and holistic menstrual cycle health coach, with a unique and well-integrated expertise about both the physiological and psycho-emotional aspects of living in a female body.

She has been practicing nature-based spirituality for 20 years, and has built her life on the foundation of ceremony, intentional living, and being in service to the thriving of all life. In her spiritual training, she has trained with teachers such as Starhawk and Eirik Myrhaug, and is currently studying to become an astrological counselor through a mentorship with Ghislaine Adams of the Astrological Psychology Association. Siri shares her work through ceremonies and workshops both in Oslo and online, and provide counseling and mentoring.

She is the founder of New Story Hub, a monthly gathering for a world in transition, held in Oslo. Hosting lectures, workshops, movie nights and other events dedicated to exploring subjects related to how we can live and interact with ourselves, each other and the planet in a healthier way.

She has previously been PR manager for the Norwegian Permaculture Association, and is currently chairperson for the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness.

Siri also has experiences from book editing, ceramic arts studies, musical studies, physical theater, organic gardening and work with non-verbal autistic people.

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